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Towerco, designer and manufacturer of special metal structures and masts
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Production of all kinds of metal structures

Cable car masts, metal structures, sheds, pedestrian bridges, handrails, petrochemical structures

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Construction of all kinds of rigs

Power transmission mast, telecommunication mast, self-standing mast, monopole mast, suspension mast, camera mast

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Production of all kinds of metal bases and lighting

Advertising bases, traffic sign bases, lamp base, lighting tower and stadium

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Consulting and design

Providing advice in a completely specialized and professional manner, taking into account the limitations and budget

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Supplier of concrete products

Manufacturer and supplier of prefabricated foundations, anchor bolts and foundation implementation

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Calculations and mapping

Designing, calculating and drawing all kinds of special metal structures and all kinds of masts and towers

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Sandblasting and painting

Beautifying, securing and strengthening the mast and painting with furnace, epoxy and normal paint

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Earth well engineering and implementation

Implementation of earth and protection system of deep ground and surface ground and in heights

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Support and maintenance

Standardization, support and insurance of existing rigs in Tehran and suburbs

Towerco, the largest producer of metal structures

Towerco has started its activity since 2008 with a unique and innovative approach in providing consulting services, design and production of all kinds of metal structures. Considering the domestic and foreign needs, with the commitment to quality and speed in the delivery of its projects, this group was able to enjoy a worthy position in this industry during this period and introduce itself as an exporter to the Middle East countries. We believe that ٌ quality is the key to longevity ٌ and all these successes and achievements were not except with the help of God and the care of our dear customers and employers. Towerco, as a professional and distinguished unit, is always trying to achieve the satisfaction of its customers by providing high quality services and to be recognized as a reliable and reliable brand in this industry.

In the years 1400 and 1401


Customer satisfaction in two consecutive years

The speed of implementation and quality assurance by providing detailed planning has made Taverco achieve 98% customer satisfaction in these two years.

The best producer and executor of high-rise metal structures construction projects
Why Towerco is the best choice?

Comprehensive service

Since the beginning of its activity, Towerco has set its goal on customer satisfaction. For this purpose, completing the inventory and variety of products and the comprehensiveness of the services has made the time and financial costs for customers to be managed in the best way.


Completeness and breadth of products

The completeness of the product list is an important principle for speeding up the sending of orders. In addition to products such as types of masts, Towerco also produces products such as harness wire, harness mast, mast bases, mast lights, foundations and mast foundations.


Transparency in pricing

Transparency in pricing and honest consultation with all customers and assurance of providing the best price for self-static, self-contained and monopole masts have turned Towerco into a company that has always won first place in customer satisfaction.


Quality is the key to longevity...

More than a decade of experience in the field of construction, production and installation of telecommunication masts (self-standing mast, suspension mast, monopole mast) gives you the assurance that you are dealing with a professional and knowledgeable group in the field of masts.

Accurate in drawing and calculations

Towerco Group performs the drawing and construction calculations in the shortest possible time for the construction of your mast, whether self-standing or anchored, etc. Also, the estimation of the price of the mast is also done in the shortest time.

The most suitable price

In Towerco, the anchoring mast, self-standing mast and monopole mast with galvanized or non-galvanized. It is produced with color or without color to balance the price so that you can get the best price of the telecommunication tower only in Towerco.

Commitment and quality assurance

The quality of Towerco products from the best rebar, iron, angle and material to the best type of welding and hot galvanizing and cold galvanizing to the best type of mast color will always be the guarantee of our masts

Committed to time and planning

Fast shipping of customized masts, always the huge depot of telecommunication mast sections in Towerco's warehouse allows customers' mast orders to be sent to all parts of Iran and even neighboring countries without delay

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Comments of colleagues and customers

Amirhossein Sadeghi

Technical director of Shuttle Company
Timely advice and correct estimation of times and costs made working with Towerco very pleasant and for the first time I was at ease and confident in the implementation of the project.

Hadi Heydari

CEO of Bersam Company
The most important thing that was very valuable was that Towerco does not sacrifice quality for the price and at the same time I was satisfied with the price of the service.

Ali Kazemi

CEO of System Associates
Every time we have a project with Towerco, we are sure of the quality and time of project implementation, and we can be involved in more important issues.

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